Premium Vitamin D3 (5000 IU) with K2 (100 mcg) Supplement from BioFlourish - Bone, Brain, and Heart Health Formula - 60 Small Easy to Swallow Vegetable Capsules


About this item

  • THE PERFECT PARTNERSHIP - Protect your heart while supporting your bones and brain. Vitamin K2 & D3 were meant to go together. Our patented K2VITAL helps direct calcium to your bones and away from your arteries, reducing the risk of arterial calcification. Enjoy the maximum benefits of D3 for strong bones, healthy brain function, and immune system support with just the right amount of K2 for optimal heart health as nature intended. BioFlourish K2+D3 has you covered.
  • STRONG BONES, SUPPLE HEART - You want your bones to be strong but you want the rest of your body to be supple. Vitamin D3 enhances calcium absorption for solid bones. But excessive calcium absorption can be harmful as it settles into your joints, soft tissues, and arteries (hardening of the arteries). Research shows that Vitamin K2, in its most bioavailable form as MK-7, helps direct calcium into your bones and away from your soft-tissues--so they stay soft!
  • HEALTHY BRAIN - It's true. Body care is brain care. And exciting new research suggests that Vitamin D3 may help the brain maintain normal function by supporting new connections between neurons (a process called synaptogenesis) which is vital to normal brain growth and repair throughout life and especially as we age. This fact, combined with a greater concern for heart health as we age, makes the combination of K2 with D3 an essential part of your longevity tool kit.
  • PURE BY DESIGN - At BioFlourish, we make products for ourselves and our families so we select only the best - premium quality, all-natural, science-based ingredients, suitable for vegetarians. Our K2VITAL Reference Standard is the only standard specifically available for the analysis of Vitamin K2 MK‑7 in dietary supplements, nutraceutical raw materials, and finished goods. We set the bar that high, so you can reap the benefits of bone, brain, and heart health with peace of mind.

Premium Vitamin D3 with K2