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Official Human Rights Consultant from USIDHR


Doctor of Clinical & Organizational Psychology (PsyD)

• Beverly Hills, California U.S.A,   American Behavioral Studies Institute 2001


Master of Science in Clinical Psychology   Beverly Hills, California  U.S.A.

• American Behavioral Studies Institute 1999

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (Engineering)

• San Jose, California U.S.A, San Jose State University 1984                                                                        

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20 years experience  U.S.A., Canada, Europe, and Asia (Middle East) performed Consulting, Coaching, Project Management, Human & Business Development, Clinical, Industrial/Organizational,  Social & Behavioral, Cross Cultural, Marriage & Family, Sexual Disorders, PTSD, Personality Development, Educational, Business Management, Addiction,  Motivational Speaker & Trainer,  and Hands on Actively started and managed to providing  medical and food supplies along with mental assistance to Syrian refugees in Lebanon  during the war.  Participated in supporting the NGOs in the Middle East. Ongoing philanthropic activities through various channels globally.

Counseling Centre ABSI     Beverly Hills,   California, Provided professional counselling to the clients based on the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of psychological abnormalities. Similar counselling was provided to many clients around the globe. Also performed part time teaching assistant on the subjects of anger management, and group workshop. Participated in a team R & D in Addiction.

Founder of the Payvandha organization:  Santa Monica, California Conducted Life Transforming Teaching, & Counseling by application of scientific knowledge to better understanding, explaining, and predicting human behavior, alleviating human suffering, and improving people’s quality of life. By utilizing vast array of techniques addressing issues ranging from pathologies, intra-individual processes, to interpersonal interactions and group dynamics through mental, behavioural, and spiritual processes in the private settings, workshops, seminars, classes, and conferences for public, psych professionals, and corporate around the globe.

Dean of the Department of Psychology:  American Liberty University   Irvine, California   Frequently participated in the doctorate graduation ceremonies as part of the faculty who presented degrees to the graduates and gave speeches on the various subjects entailing “Positive Reinforcement of the psych” to better enhance the quality of life, and create a work – life balance.

Member of the International Affairs Team:   American Behavioural Studies Institute in Beverly Hills, and Irvine, California Referred various local and international students to the psych program at ABSI. Also played an important role of liaison between the students, and the school (specially for Dr. Reylene Goltra ABSI president).

Member of the Judging Panel: expert reviews, and commenting on the presentations of guest psychologists, and psychiatrics from around the globe who participated in the Psych. congress which was held in Middle East for the first time in 2006. 

Member of the East – West Cross-Cultural Debate Team: made cross cultural comparison of the multi-cultural guests’ presentations for thousands of audiences at the referenced congress. Also assisted American presenters with the better understanding of the Eastern culture, and the practical aspects of implementing scientific theories in the middle east. Made presentation on the “Stigma of Psychology in the Middle East” at the congress. 

Appeared in various television and radio programs internationally:   Hosted my own live satellite TV shows (Dr. Phil style) answering questions on various subjects asked by live callers internationally for 5 years in Los Angeles. Hosted Live Radio shows on Dubai Eye, and Danish radio station answering questions asked by listeners on various issues. 

15 years experience  1984 to 1998  Engineering, and Management  BAE Systems, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Teledyne, Cal Power, and other companies in Los Angeles, California.  Successfully engineered, and managed (in the field of Quality & Reliability engineering) many projects in the field of Avionics, and electronics such as the Flight Control Systems (FLCC)  for commercial, and fighter planes like the F22, F16, JSF, F4, 777, and many more. Responsible for troubleshooting, and solving many problems, and issues on the projects on a systematic basis with my team in house, and in the field.

Performed teaching & training on various engineering, business, and management related subjects such as TQM, Theories of Deming, ISO Series, SPC, Business Development, Soldering Techniques, and Management techniques in house, and on site. Conducted teaching on the subjects of business, and management technique’ enhancement for high level managers at corporate based on the “Steven Covey’s” books, and theories in various countries.


Published, and presented various articles, and book on the following subjects for many local, and international magazines, and newspapers around the globe as follows:

•    How to identify, and handle the difficult personality types, and emotionally explosive people  (109 pages)

•    Gender Differences (why men, and women don’t understand one another? 254 pages)

•    How to create a Healthy relationship with Family, and others? (154 pages)

•    Recognizing our anger, and depression, and utilizing various techniques for managing it (249pages)

•    Understanding Depression (31 pages)

•     Psychology of organization, life – work balance, and stress management (84 pages)

•    What is love? (30 pages)

•    Personality styles (124 pages)

•    Sexual, and gender identity disorders (236 pages)


Also created, and distributed CDs and DVDs in some of the above subjects, and presently creating more. Working on a new publication called: Don’t change a thing, the thing will change you!

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